No Fundamentals Tonight, Summer Schedule, Show Review

Fundamentals class cancelled tonight. It would have been our last Sunday class before moving to the summer schedule. Enjoy a couple weeks off drilling to recharge.

I’m just finalizing details on a venue for summer classes and am looking to start again the second week of July. I’ll post an update as soon as I have everything firmed up.

The Arabian Fantasy Belly Dance Show at the Shu-Box theater went well last night. There was a really good turnout and the show seemed to run fairly smoothly. I really like this new venue as it seems quite intimate despite having a large stage and seating just over a hundred people. The dressing rooms are professional and there was even a lounge area. Having the audience on three sides was slightly disorienting at times though. I felt like Br’Issah had a good performance overall but I somehow always find something that can be improved.

Show season is now over and it’s back to training and creating. Need to build strength, refine movements, and start on the search for new music to create next year’s choreographies. Join me!

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Fundamentals Class, TV Spotlight, and Show

Fundamentals class is at 5:15 pm on Sun, Jun 17 at the YWCA Studio. Please sign up using the calendar if you’re attending.

The last belly dance show of the season is happening next Saturday! Be sure to tune-in to CTV Morning Live on Mon, Jun 18 from 6-9 am. I’ll be performing with Br’Issah as part of a segment promoting RAMED’s Arabian Fantasy Showcase happening on Sat, Jun 23 at 7:30 pm at the Shu-Box Theatre.

Message me if you’d like tickets to the show. Adults $20 or $10 for children 12 & under. All the details can be found on the RAMED website.

Please sign up for my newsletter that comes out once a week informing you of classes, shows, and other dance related news.

Belly Dance Fundamentals and Show News

Three more weeks for Belly Dance Fundamentals (formerly Belly Dance Drills) on Sunday evenings. We move to our summer schedule starting in July.

Join us as we strengthen our bodies and refine the movements at the heart of belly dance. There is no choreography, just purposeful practice. Be prepared to sweat and challenge yourself.

We will continue to work on down hips and chest isolations both stationery and moving.

Register online now.

Br’Issah will be performing at An Arabian Fantasy Showcase 2018 presented by RAMED on June 23 at the Shu-Box Theatre in Riddell Centre at the University of Regina.

Tickets are $20; $10 for children 12 & under.

Please contact me if you’d like tickets.


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