Costumes and Supplies

Belly Dance Digs (New York, USA):

Belly Dance dot com (California, USA):

Dahlal International (St. Louis, USA):

Dancer’s Den Dancewear (Regina, SK):

Gale’s Wholesale (Regina, SK):

L. Rose Designs (California, USA):

Son of the Pharaoh (Calgary, AB):

Sparkly Belly (virtual):

Online Communities and Resources

All About Belly Dancing by Shira:

An excellent all-round resource site

Regina Association of Middle Eastern Dance (RAMED):

Non-profit organization for belly dancers with resources on instructors and events in Regina


Bill Allen Photography (Weyburn, SK):

Daniel Paquet Photography (Regina, SK):

Tracy Kerestesh Photography (Melville, SK):

Teachers, Friends, Mentors, and Those That Inspire Me

Local – Saskatchewan

Anastasia & Victoria:

Oriental, American Tribal Style, and Tribal Fusion instructors and performers in Saskatoon


Great friend, mentor, performer, and instructor in Regina

Elaine & Monica:

Instructors, performers, choreographers, and co-founders of DancEgypt Dance Co. in Saskatoon

Zena Snow:

American Tribal Style belly dancer and instructor in Regina


Ashley Rhianne:

International instructor and performer based in Vancouver, BC

Audra Simmons:

Innovator, instructor, choreographer, performer, and founder of The Dark Side Studio in Toronto, ON


Award-winning Oriental belly dancer and instructor based in Montréal, PQ

Bedouin Beats:

Dance studio offering instruction in a variety of belly dance styles and a store in Edmonton, AB


My first instructor, performer, and the Pacific NW’s hafla organizer extraordinaire! – Gig Harbor, WA

Kristine Jennes:

Instructor, solo performer, and director of the Beautiful Unusual performance group in Calgary, AB

Lisa Zahiya:

Inspirational coach, instructor, performer, and owner of Studio Zahiya in Asheville, NC

Mohamed Shahin:

Native Egyptian master instructor, performer, and choreographer in New York, NY

SharQui – the Bellydance Workout:

A workout that blends authentic bellydance with fitness, founded by Oreet in New York, NY